R.D. & D.J. College, Munger

Raja Deoki Nandan and Diamond Jubilee College, Munger

(A Constituent Unit Of Munger University, Munger)

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Our Achievements

Achievement is something that could be termed as the perfect combination of effort, skill and courage. In our college we see achievement in our students, staffs, management, faculty, infrastructure and the facilities we provide through their splendid results and their newly developed skills. The recognition of our college’s student either in academic, sports or cultural activities, is what achievement mean to us. Highly educated and trained faculty, well- trained staff, well-built infrastructure is what we have as our achievement.

S. No. Achievements Session
1 A1 2019-20
2 A2 2020-21

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This section will deal with all the information pertaining to a student such as personal, academic as well as digital documents and student report.

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